I started Bites & Brushes in November of 2014 as a means of obtaining a secondary income. In February of 2015, I decided to leave my full time Dental Assisting job to pursue my passion of sharing my love of art with the world, by teaching people how to create in a way that was fun, easy, and relatable. As I became more familiar with my industry, I noticed a gaping hole where diversity in the art offered should have been. So I decided to fill it.

Influenced by my love of music and pop culture, I started to create sample pieces that highlighted the beauty of people of color. I wanted the images to be atypical of how we are commonly represented in the art world. I wanted to show us, just being us.

While I offer many different paintings, I specialize in creating quality kits that are original and representative of people of color. Each kit is made to order. I hand draw each canvas, make each design by hand, and pour the paint to order. Together with my husband, we ensure that each patron receives a quality made with love product in a timely manner. 

It is my deepest hope that every recipient of one of one of my kits will be able to see the difference in quality and originality from most of what is being offered elsewhere. More importantly, I hope that they are able to see the beauty of themselves represented. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion. I look forward to celebrating creatively with you!

Love, Light, & Creativity,